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Diet Formulation Kibble Canned Fresh-Cooked Home-Cooked Raw
Cost $ $$ $$$ $$ $$$
Shelf Life Long Long Short Medium Short Short Medium
Palatability Low High High High High
Quality Medium Medium High High High
Contamination Low Risk Low Risk Low Medium Risk Low Medium Risk High Risk
Additional Info Most practical Most practical Just Food for Dogs Recipe Builder Raw Food Article
Re commendation Re commendation Re commendation Re commendation Not Recommended Not Recommended


Diet Type Diet Composure Notes
Growth & Puppy Diet Composure Formulated by breed size (small – giant)
Adult Maintenance Complete & balanced nutrition Suitable for most dogs
Geriatric & Senior ↑ omega 3 fatty acids, protein, calories ↑ palatability
Stress & Anxiety ↑ vitamin A, B, C, Zn, Mg, omega 3’s, & L tryptophan Comes in supplement form as well
GI Sensitivities ↑ fiber, pre & probiotics Commonly novel or hydrolyzed protein
Skin Sensitivities Limited ingredient: fish, venison, duck, rabbit, lamb Commonly novel or hydrolyzed protein
Weight Loss Methodologies: calorie restriction, low fat, high protein & complex carbohydrates/fiber Recommend prescription diet if over the counter diet not working
Medical Conditions Inflammatory bowel, kidney, liver, and urinary disease, diabetes, food allergies, and obesity Extensive studies, prescription only, consult with your veterinarian
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