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Request a virtual visit with us!

For a successful consultation, we will just need you to complete a few simple steps. It is important that all these steps be completed prior to your scheduled consult time:
1) Download the TeleVet app
Download for Apple – Click Here
Download for Google – Click Here

2) Create an account and your pet’s profile

3) Select Cascade Heights Veterinary Center as your vet

4) Add payment info to your account
The consult cannot proceed without this step. Your card will not be charged until the virtual visit has been reviewed and concluded. The amount of the consultation will be preauthorized on your card, so you may note it as pending with your bank. Please ensure that this information is entered correctly. This is a common stumbling block to proceeding with consultations.

5) Please enable push notifications
If a consultation has not already been scheduled by our team and you would like to request one, simply select “New Consultation” on your pet’s home screen and provide details of what your pet needs to be seen for. You can also upload any relevant photos or videos. Our team will receive your request and will contact you as soon as possible to coordinate a virtual visit time.

As your scheduled time approaches, please be ready with your pet and your TeleVet app. Please allow a 1-hour window on either side of your scheduled appointment, as consultation times can vary. Your doctor may message with you through the app as the consultation approaches. At the bottom of the app, you will find the video portal button, “join call”. When you reach the appointment time, please click on this button and you will be in the video call. Please stay on this screen until the doctor joins as well. If the doctor is significantly ahead or behind schedule, they will try to message in the app about early or late starting times for consultations.

Tips for successful consultations:
• Have the pet ready. Be in a closed off room or contained area.
• Have a helper to hold the pet or to take quality images or video.
• Preplan for pictures and video.
– For checking growths, upload pictures holding a ruler or tape measure next to them. o For lameness consideration, upload video of the animal’s abnormal gait.
– For skin disease, take pictures of the lesions and affected areas from several different angles.
– For more general physical exams, upload pictures of hard to reach areas, such as, the mouth, inside of ears and belly.

Please let our office know if you have any questions regarding this process. We look forward to seeing you and your pet!
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