Taking A Leap In White Center

With the recent adventure of practice ownership that Kathleen and I have undertaken, I decided to take a step back and really think about why we made this leap. I mean, who would not want to own a business? All the fun of dealing with banks, construction, hiring employees, just to mention a few. And on top of all this, we are both still veterinarians first and foremost. I guess that is ultimately what it boils down to. We are veterinarians and we love what we do.

I think I speak for both of us (although I have gotten in trouble a time or two for this) when I say that the animals are our passion. From the smallest of kittens coming in for their first exam to the largest of dogs with jowls full of slobber, we enjoy them all. There are not too many bad days in our line of work, as long as you can handle the occasional anal gland expression that goes awry or the pet that decides to treat your shoe like a fire hydrant.

The one thing I never thought I would enjoy as much as I do is the human side of being a veterinarian. It is talked about ad nauseam in veterinary school, but the reality is much different. Pets have become family members to most people, even taking the place of children for many. There is a bond that pet owners have with their four-legged family member(s) that is beyond full comprehension. Kathleen and I are those people, just take a peek at the website. With this special bond comes an innate desire to care for and to protect our pets. This is apparent every time a sick patient comes in the door. The combination of emotions from stress, to fear, to love are palpable. But this is why Kathleen and I do it.

On the initial glance, opening our hospital is an opportunity for us to practice veterinary medicine in the way we believe is best. At the core, our hospital allows us to make those long lasting bonds with the pets and people that walk through our doors. It is an opportunity to build a community of common interests, shared passions, and ultimately friendship. Hopefully with hard work and a little bit of luck, we can make our dream a fixture in the community, knowing that if we succeed it means we get to spend our lives doing what we love and help others care for the furry family member(s) that they love.

Until next time, Dr. Nick.

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