Feline Friends

At Cascade Heights Veterinary Center, we know that bringing your feline family member in for health care can be a stressful event for both you and your cat. We also know that a preventative approach to veterinary medicine has been proven to give our pets a longer and better quality of life, and we don’t want our feline friends to miss out! Cascade Heights Offers:

  • Feline Only Waiting Area
  • Feliway Zones to Help Soothe Your Cat
  • Cat Specific Exam Rooms

We hope these efforts as well as the tips below can help make the experience a little more enjoyable and a lot easier.

Tips and Tricks for getting your feline family member the best Vet visit possible!
1. Choosing the appropriate carrier for your cat can make all the difference! We recommend carriers with both openings on the side and top, as well as an easy to remove lid. This makes it easier and less stressful to get your cat in and out of the carrier.

2. Whenever possible bring your cat carrier out 3-5 days prior to your visit. Put your kitties favorite treats and toys around the carrier and leave the door open so they can freely go in and out if they please.

3. Carrier covers are great for helping your cat feel safe and reduce stress caused by the changing environment, people, and other pets as they travel to Cascade Heights Veterinary Center. We will have these available at the clinic to use if you don’t have one so please just ask!

4. Feliway mimics your cat’s natural facial pheromones to give them a sense of familiarity and security. We have Feliway diffusers in our exam rooms and in our feline waiting area. Please ask us about Feliway spray to use on your carrier to ease stress when traveling to Cascade Heights Veterinary Hospital.

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