Cascade Heights Veterinary Center was born out of a little kid’s dream to take care of pets and their families. It’s a simple dream we take very seriously. We work hard every day to make it come true by listening, offering guidance, and implementing a comprehensive approach to give each pet the best quality of life possible.

At Cascade Heights Veterinary Center our team members, clients, and pet patients make up our clinic community. We share a strong personal responsibility of making sure every pet patient is approached with the utmost respect, care, and patience. We lead with compassion by treating each person and pet that walks through our doors like they are family.

Cascade Heights Center recognizes each patient -client relationship is unique and special. We treat each case on an individual basis, being mindful of owner constraints and wishes. Communicating effectively with clients to make sure they feel comfortable understanding all medical, surgical, and holistic options allows us to fulfill our dream and give each pet the best quality of life possible.

Mission Statement :
Our life’s work is caring for you and your pets

Core Values :
Compassion — Caring for our patients, clients, and each other as we would want to be treated
Community — Creating an environment where everyone belongs
Integrity — Being honest and fair
Quality — Pushing each other to make our best better
Education — Embracing continuous learning and growing for our clients and ourselves

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