A Veterinarian’s Tribute on Mother’s Day

I thought I would take a departure from my normal veterinary themed rants and take a moment to say a few things about the person who brought me into this world, my mom. For those of you that know my mom nothing I write will come as a surprise. For those that have not had the opportunity to meet my mom, take this as the Cliff Note version of the wonderful woman that raised me to be the adult that I am and continues to help guide me through my life.

My mom is short! I can imagine the look on her face when she reads this. Don’t worry mom, I will explain more. My mom is about 4’ 10”. The short stature was passed down from her parents who were both short. But what my mom lacks in physical height, she more than makes up for in her internal stature, a trait she inherited as well from her parents. I wonder if there is a gene that links external and internal stature?

My mom is quiet and reserved at times, a trait that I often display. But don’t let the quiet demeanor fool you. She has a deep and full love of life and all the people in it. She doesn’t like to be hugged, so if you have ever received a hug from my mom, count yourself lucky. I still remember the joy on Kathleen’s face when my mom hugged her for the first time. But just because she does not like the physical contact, she cares deeply for the people her life.

My mom is a nurturer. She has spent the past 30 plus years caring for my two sisters and me, as well as hundreds of children ranging from newborns to school aged in her career as a childcare provider. The nurturing gene has been passed down to my two sisters who each have a daughter. I never put two and two together until recently, but I believe I developed my passion as a veterinarian from my mom. As much as veterinary medicine is a science, it is equally if not more so a field of caring and healing, I would argue nurturing.

My mom is the best! I know I am not the only that believes this and that is what makes Mother’s Day unique for all of us. Hopefully everyone has had the moment to say I love you to the mom in your life or the one that lives in your heart.

Until next time, Dr. Nick.

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